Dolomite introduces groundbreaking microfluidic system for high throughput droplet microfluidics

Dolomite has launched Telos, an innovative system for high throughput droplet, particle and flow product generation. It benefits a wide range of applications including: DNA, cell and bead encapsulation and screening, emulsion and foam generation, microparticle and nanoparticle synthesis and micro-reaction engineering.


Telos Support Frame (Part No. 3200375) with 10 Telos Clamp Modules Tube Collection (Part No. 3200399) and 10 Telos 2 Reagent Chips (Part No. 3200357)


An individual Telos Clamp Module (Part No. 3200400)

The heart of the groundbreaking Telos system is a Clamp Module (Part Nos. 3200400 and 3200399) which holds a Telos 2 Reagent Chip (Part No. 3200357) with 7 microfluidic channels. Operating over a wide temperature and pressure range, each module is individually controlled with integrated valves and filters and offers optical access to half of the chip with excellent visibility of the junctions. A Support Frame (Part No. 3200375) enables users to stack up to 10 Clamp Modules side by side for scaling up droplet and particle production to a total of 70 parallel channels.

Very easy to connect and disconnect with no tools required, this microfluidic system can be run at production rates of up to 30 litres per day when using 10 Clamp Modules. Thanks to its modularity and scalability, Telos offers users maximum flexibility by allowing vertical product collection into bulk fluid as well as horizontal flow into downstream tubing.

The following application note describes how Telos can benefit a broad range of industries including pharmaceutical, food, cosmetics and research.

For more information and to see a live demo of Telos, visit the Dolomite stand #17 at Lab-on-a-Chip European Congress in Berlin, Germany, on the 10th and 11th of March 2014.