At Dolomite we pride ourselves in offering innovative, robust, high performance microfluidic solutions along with excellent post-sales support and service. See what our customers think:

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Fluidic Factory

Fluidic Factory 3D printer

Fluidic Factory enables drug discovery research

Dolomite’s Fluidic Factory is helping the pharmaceutical sector to explore the potential of microfluidics for a range of drug discovery applications. A senior researcher at a large pharmaceutical company explained: “I’m part of a team of engineers th…

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Fluidic Factory testimonial

From microcapsules to heavy industry

Researchers at the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (LLNL) are using a Dolomite Fluidic Factory to help develop a novel carbon capture technology intended for industrial applications1. Mindy Simon, postdoctoral research associate, explained: “C…

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Drug Delivery

Dolomite Educational System

Dolomite aids drug encapsulation studies

A Dolomite microfluidic system is helping Dr Samar Damiati, Assistant Professor in the Biochemistry Department at King Abdulaziz University in Saudi Arabia, perform drug encapsulation studies. She explained: “My work is mainly focused on using different …

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Jeff Henise, Prolynx

Innovative Drug Delivery Platform Relies On Telos Reagent Chips

Telos® 2 Reagent Chips from Dolomite Microfluidics have helped San Francisco-based ProLynx LLC to develop a novel drug delivery platform. Jeff Henise, Director of Process Development at ProLynx, explained: “Traditional polymer encapsulation d…

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Cell Encapsulations

Testimonial Bioneer

A novel approach to 3D cell culturing using the Dolomite Micro Droplet System

  Biotechnology service provider Bioneer A/S, based in Hørsholm, Denmark, is taking advantage of the exceptional microfluidics capabilities of Dolomite’s Micro Droplet System to reliably encapsulate cells in gelatin hydrogels, enabling 3D cell c…

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Adrian Briggs Dolomite System

Dolomite's microfluidics technology helping to advance antibody therapeutics

  Dolomite’s droplet generation system is helping AbVitro to identify potential therapeutic targets using its AbPair™ technology. Dr Adrian Briggs, Director of Molecular Biology R&D at AbVitro, commented: "Our aim is to develop new potentia…

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Custom Design


Dolomite and Emerald BioSystems collaborate to produce award winning novel protein crystallography instrument

Lance Stewart, CEO, Emerald BioSystems:  "Dolomite has delivered a world-class product in the Plug Maker™. Using Dolomite's microfluidic expertise, we have rapidly been able to take the product from initial concept and proof of principle to full instru…

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Droplet Junction Chips from Dolomite Microfluidics are adapted across diverse researches at University of Birmingham. Dr Nina Kovalchuk, University of Birmingham, UK, explained: “My research focuses on the effects that surfactants can have on…

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