Dolomite Microfluidics provides microfluidics based solutions for a range of applications including drug encapsulation, droplet manufacture and particle generation. We provide complete systems as well as individual modular components to balance ease of use with flexibility.

View our latest webinar recording about hydrophobic API encapsulation in PLGA micro- and nanoparticles

Take control



Learn how to produce highly uniform particles, emulsions, foams, bubbles with precise control over the size.



Produce monodisperse particles with our high performance modular microfluidic systems.



Enhance or build your own microfluidic devices using our chips, pumps, bottles, connectors and other accessories.

Who we are

We believe in pushing the boundaries of what is possible to find better ways of solving scientific challenges using microfluidic technologies. Our passion, enthusiasm and boundless energy enables us to put science at the heart of everything we do.

We are part of the Blacktrace group – the world leaders in Productizing Science®.


Our support team

Our expert support team is dedicated to helping you reach your goals.  We have proven expertise in developing innovative solutions for even the most complex challenges,. We also provide training and hold educational workshops and webinars to ensure your success.


Fluid Mechanics of Nanostructured Materials

3rd SIG Meeting | 17 December 2018 | Loughborough University

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