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Application Notes
Agarose Bead Synthesis Application Note
Colorimetric Estimation of Protein Content in Gelatin Microparticles
Generation of double encapsulated emulsion
2 – 10 µm Diameter Water Droplets in Mineral Oil Emulsion Production
Telos®: High-throughput parallelized droplet production
Mitos P-Pump Droplet Monodispersity
Generation of Water Droplets in a Hexadecane Carrier Stream
Parallel Droplet Generation
Introduction to Mixing and Droplet Production in Microfluidics using Dolomite’s Educational Microfluidic System
Quantifying μ-Scale Mixing Time of Sodium Hydroxide and Phenolphthalein Using Dolomite’s Micromixer System
Gas Bubble Generation in Water using Dolomite’s Small Droplet System
Formation of monodispersed microbubbles
Miniaturisation of Gas Chromatography equipment
Multiflux™ – reliable multi-way fluidic connections
uEncapsulator for Double Emulsions
µEncapsulator for Encapsulation of Hydrogels
High Throughput Microfluidic Synthesis of Polyacrylamide Beads
High Throughput Continuous Synthesis of Monodisperse 10 to 40 µm PLGA Microparticles Using Flow Focusing
Continuous Microfluidic Synthesis of PLGA Microparticles by Droplet Method
Droplet Junction Chip Characterization
Encapsulating Single Beads with Cells on the RNA Seq Chip
Cells in Double Emulsions for FACS Sorting
Double Emulsion System W-O-W Double Emulsion Production using SDS, PGPR & Tween® 80
Making Water In Oil Emulsions With Fluoro-Phase
Production of Highly Monodispersed Alginate Beads for Mammalian Cell Encapsulation
Microfluidic Production of 20 to 50 µm Core-Shell PLGA Beads
CHO Cell Encapsulation & Incubation in Gelatine Particles
Production of Highly Monodisperse Pectin Particles

Product Literature
Telos® High-Throughput Systems
Fluoro-Phase Flyer
FluoSurf Flyer
Dolomite Microfluidics Brochure

User Guides
3000024 Linear Connector 4-Way User Guide
3000051 Circular Connector User Guide
3000067 Linear Connector 12 way User Guide
3000109 l 3000237 l 3000427 Top Interface User Guide
3000144 Micromixer Chip User Guide
3000155 Chip Interface H User Guide
3000158 Droplet Junction Chip User Guide
3000158 l 3000301 l 3000436 3000437 l 3200089 l 3200090 l Droplet Chips User Guide
3000305 Resealable Chip Interface User Guide
3200008 Y Junction Chip User Guide
3200016 l 3200175 l 3200176 l 3200177 l 3200095 l 3200200 l Mitos P-Pumps Flow Control User Guide
3200016 l 3200175 l 3200176 l 3200177 Mitos P-Pumps User Guide
3200037 Sample Injection Valve User Guide
3200043 Mitos P-Pump Remote Chamber User Guide
3200088 Double Chip Interface H User Guide
3200095 l 3200096 l 3200097 l 3200098 l 3200099 l 3200100 l 3200119 Mitos Sensors User Guide
3200111 Hotplate Adaptor Chip Holder H User Guide
3200112 Droplet Collection Module User Guide
3200148 l 3200290 l 3200291 l 3200292 Multiflux-2 Linear Connectors User Guide
3200208 Embryo Immobilisation Chip User Guide
3200531 Meros High Speed Digital Microscope
Multiflux Design Guide
Telos® Systems User Instructions
Flow Control Center Software User Manual
Setting up a Microfluidic System to Create Droplets
uEncapsulator System User Manual
Dolomite – 3200428, 3200480 Meros TCU-100 & TCU-125_v.1.9

Software Downloads

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