We are passionate about all things microfluidic and over the past 20 years have grown to be the leading microfluidic solutions provider. At the heart of our drive is the concept of Productizing Science®. We work with scientists, researchers and engineers in many industries all over to the world to understand their pain points and look for new, better ways to solve scientific challenges.



Core capabilities


  • We’ve been in the business of microfluidics for over 15 years
  • Over 120 world-class scientists, engineers, commercial and manufacturing experts work here
  • We understand microfluidic markets and applications, our in-house experts offer advice and support
  • We design, develop, manufacture and sell custom and standard microfluidic products
  • Our cutting-edge facilities enable us to create, test, and scientifically verify new technologies
  • World class microfabrication facilities and custom glass manufacture
  • Sophisticated logistics and systems to manage complex supply chains
  • Commercial expertise and global distribution
  • State-of-the-art manufacturing facilities
  • Our latest innovation is Fluidic Factory – worlds first 3-D printer for fluidically sealed devices – a game-changer in the world of fast prototyping


How can we help?


Complete microfluidic systems tailored to your application

All our systems are designed specifically for individual applications.  We offer complete out of the box solutions together with expert applications advice, training and installation.

The systems are completely modular. Start small and add on as you grow, either through added sophistication,  increasing production, or adding alternative application research. For full list of systems click here.


One-stop shop for microfluidic components

We offer a very wide range of microfluidic components. Choose from 100s of chip designs, connectors, tubing, pumps, temperature control, microscopes etc. Add to your existing microfluidic setup or expand your existing systems. Buy now


Custom microfluidic devices

Our dedicated prototyping team thoroughly understands microfluidic applications, we employ the best designers & engineers in the industry, and have state of the art manufacturing facilities.This allows us to offer quick and innovative solutions to the most complex challenges. If you are interested in custom devices, find out more here.



Applications help and advice


Our expertise is spread across many industries and applications, some of the which are:

  • Drug delivery (targeted drug delivery and controlled release) via biodegradable particles, experts in microfluidic drug encapsulations, liposome synthesis
  • Biology e.g. cell encapsulation in microdroplets and analysis of individual cells from a population
  • Organ-on-a-chip applications
  • Chemistry e.g. nanoparticle synthesis and petrochemical analysis, flow chemistry
  • Food and cosmetics e.g. bulk precision manufacturing of emulsions and foams, encapsulation and controlled release of food ingredients via for example liposomes or double emulsions, precision particle production
  • Academia e.g. study of microfluidics, droplet generation, mixing, fluid monitoring

We regularly hold educational workshops about general microfluidics and application-specific workshops. Click here to register your interest.

Our team of applications experts welcome any questions or discussions about microfluidics. Contact us.


Productizing Science®

At Dolomite we are passionate about shaping the future of microfluidics. We work with scientists and experts all over the world looking for new, better ways to solve scientific challenges. We search for novel microfluidic discoveries, concepts or prototypes and turn these into commercially successful products. We Productize Science®. 

We run a Productizing Science Competition to find the latest great discoveries and concepts. Find out more at our competition pages.