Productizing Science®


At Dolomite we are passionate about shaping the future of microfluidics. We work with scientists and experts all over the world looking for new, better ways to solve scientific challenges. We search for novel microfluidic discoveries, concepts or prototypes and turn these into commercially successful products. We Productize Science®. 


Our Productizing Science® capabilities 


  • More than 15 years of experience in microfluidic markets, thorough understanding of applications and industries
  • We employ over 50 world-class scientists, engineers, commercial and manufacturing experts
  • Cutting-edge facilities for creating, testing, and scientific verification of new technologies
  • In-house design, development, manufacture and sales of hundreds of microfluidic systems and components
  • Advanced technologies, world-class microfabrication facilities, custom glass manufacture
  • State-of-the-art manufacturing facilities
  • Sophisticated logistics and systems to manage complex supply chains
  • Commercial expertise – experience of developing sales offices and global distribution channels
  • Example of our latest innovation:Fluidic Factory – worlds first 3-D printer for fluidically sealed devices
Examples of products developed through Productizing Science® 

Telos high-throughput droplet manufacture

Revolutionary high-throughput microfluidic system for production of up to a tonne of highly monodisperse droplets a month….

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Dropix droplets on demand

A compact droplet-on-demand system to produce extremely miniaturized droplet compartments…

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Portable temperature control products

Compact and portable temperature control and thermal screening solutions for life science applications… 

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Electrochemical sensor development kit

An electrochemical sensor development kit to aid research into new electrochemical assays for the detection of diseases.

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Productizing Science® competition

Do you have a great microfluidic discovery or invention but limited by funding or technical, commercial know-how to turn this into a commercial success?

Dolomite’s Productizing Science® competition challenges the innovative and entrepreneurial spirit of researchers, scientists and engineers to submit their novel concept related to microfluidics for a chance to partner with us and turn your idea into reality.


Why enter the competition?


  • You will have the best microfluidic experts to refine and develop your idea
  • You will have access to Dolomite’s outstanding R&D capabilities
  • No financial worries – your project will be fully funded by us
  • Access to state-of-the-art testing facilities
  • Manufacturing and sophisticated logistics networks
  • Support from commercial team and access to global sales channels to ensure product release success


Important Dates: 

Submissions are currently closed. Please get in touch if you have an idea you would like to discuss with us.