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Date & time

  • US: May 24th | 13:00 EST, 10:00 PST
  • APAC: May 25th | 16:00 Sydney, 14:00 Seoul/Tokyo, 13:00 Beijing, 12.00 Hanoi,
    10:30 Delhi
  • EMEA: May 25th | 15:00 GMT, 9:00 EST

Event type: Webinar – Live

A recording of the webinar is now available below.

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Webinar Speakers

Kindly be advised that the guest speaker will only be able to present during the US session.
Don’t worry, we’ll have a video of her presentation available for other sessions too.


Guest Speaker

Dr. Nihan Yonet-Tanyeri

Department of
Chemical Engineering
University of Pittsburgh


EMEA Session

Alexander Armitstead

Region Manager
Dolomite Microfluidics


APAC Session

Dr. Chinh Nguyen

Applications Leader
Dolomite Microfluidics

US Session

Richard Gray

Business Development Director
Dolomite Microfluidics


What will you learn?

  • A framework for rational design and construction of microfluidic systems using commercially available components, for high-throughput production of uniform biodegradable particles encapsulating drugs.  
  • Methodology for fabrication of highly monodisperse PLGA microparticles encapsulated with a hydrophobic drug, rapamycin, via O/W emulsion. 
  • The presented guidelines enable widespread adoption of droplet microfluidics to engineer both hydrophobic and hydrophilic drug-loaded biodegradable microparticles.