Telos® Clamp Module – Tube Collection

The Telos® Clamp Module – Tube Collection holds a microfluidic chip with up to 7 channels. Each junction is visible from above and below for illumination and optical access. Fast set-up time is achieved with an easy to use tool-free clamp mechanism which locates and seals the chip in place, making or breaking connections instantly. The Telos® Clamp Module – Tube Collection incorporates the 3 in-line on/off valves for excellent flow control during priming and operation. Additionally, the Telos® Clamp Module includes optional integrated filters.

Part number 3200399
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Multiple Telos® Clamp Modules can be stacked side by side to scale up production allowing on/off control of fluid throughput streams for each chip. Up to 10 of these modules can be added, giving a total of 70 parallel channels. The Telos® Clamp Module - Tube Collection is configured to allow droplets to be collected directly into FEP or similar tubing. Telos® operates from 0- 10bar (150psi) and 4- 50°C.

The Telos® Clamp Module - Tube Collection works in conjunction with the Telos® Support Frame (Part No. 3200375).

Features and Benefits:
  • Enables very high throughput production
  • Very quick connect and disconnect
  • High pressure capability
  • Excellent chemical compatibility
  • Excellent visibility at the junction
  • Robust design
  • Scalable
  • Modular
  • Very fast valve response
  • Tube collection

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