Dolomite’s new microfluidic system offers easy access to microfluidic chip surface

Dolomite – the pioneering microfluidics specialist – has launched a Pressure-driven Resealable Chip Interface System designed for applications which require quick and easy access to the microfluidic chip surface.

Compact and robust, this easy-to-use system enables tool-free assembly of glass, quartz or polymer resealable chips, allowing the user to deposit reagents, sensors, biosensors or cells onto the chip base layer and then flow fluids over the deposited sensors or reagents.

resealable-chip-interface-systemThe modular and flexible system includes a Resealable Chip Interface – allowing up to eight fluidic and eight electrical connections per chip – 4-way linear connectors, Mitos Pressure Pumps for pulseless, stable flow from 70 nl to 5 ml a minute, at pressures of up to 10 bar. For direct, accurate control of flow rates, Mitos Flow Rate Sensors can also be included. This versatile system is ideal for a broad range of applications, including biosensor testing, cell culture analysis, dielectrophoresis experiments, impedance detection or applications where access to the chip is required or then applications where cleaning or replacement of parts is required between experiments. The Resealable Chip Interface System is also compatible with a range of microscope systems – for straightforward imaging and recording – and Dolomite’s optional Mitos P­-Pump Remote Chambers, which allow up to 30 ml of fluid to be conveniently located in a pressurized, sterile environment for easy temperature control or agitation, ensuring you can develop a set-up to meet your application needs.

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