A COVID-19 update to all our customers and members of the scientific community


This is a message to all our customers, partners and the scientific community about the recent events concerning the outbreak of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19). These are challenging time for everyone and some of our customers will be greatly influenced by this pandemic in one way or another. We at Dolomite Microfluidics would like to state that despite the ongoing situation, we are doing everything we can to ensure you receive the same level of support that you are used to. Read below what we are doing to guarantee that our service to customers remains as unaffected as possible by the current events.


Steps we take to protect staff, ensure ongoing support and maintain our supply chain:

Dolomite will follow official UK government and National Health Service guidelines closely and respond quickly as the situation with COVID-19 evolves. Furthermore, we have introduced additional measures to increase social distancing within the business as we strongly believe that this will help to protect everyone. We will:

• Set up virtual alternatives for customer meetings and product demonstrations
• Increase online learning content
• Continue providing responsive and high-quality support via emails and phone calls
• Minimize in-person meeting whenever possible and follow official H&S guidelines to ensure safety of attendees

We have been working closely with our suppliers to understand the potential impact of any distancing measures that need to be put in place to ensure that we can mitigate any supply problems. We will make every effort to continue our Operations and supply to our customers with products and applications support, and we look forward to working with you during this difficult period.


What can Dolomite do to help?

We have been amazed by the quick response and the openness in which the scientific community have generated and spread their research about COVID-19. At Dolomite we strongly believe in a collaborative research environment to promote the rapid development of new protocols with our products. Have a look at our new Vaccine Development page to understand our products can help support your research and maufacture. If you have any questions, please reach out by contacting us here.


We are happy to help!

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