Porous Media

The Porous Media System is ideal for study and modelisation of liquid flows in porous rocks. This microfluidic system is centered around a Porous Media Chip which simulates complex porous rock structure and enables full visualization and easy monitoring of fluid flow.

  • Gain a better understanding of the displacement mechanisms in porous media
  • Fast, reproducible and robust testing
  • Safe and easy-to-use system with no tools required
  • Wide temperature and pressure operating ranges
  • Excellent chemical compatibility
  • Great access for optics for easy visualization
  • Custom porous media structures available

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Microfluidic technologies are ideal for the development of new methods to extract crude oil which can be trapped in porous rock, mixed with contaminants, or be in a dynamic state where the extraction method may have to be altered quickly.

Using high quality microfluidic chips developed in collaboration with professor Marcio Carvalho from PUC-Rio, the Porous Media System allows easy pumping, mixing, optical measurements, as well as modelling of fluid flow in porous rock at given temperature and pressure.

Porous Media Chip

A typical system includes Mitos P-Pumps, used for pushing various fluids through the Porous Media Chip. The entire chip can be maintained at a set temperature with the TCU-125 Temperature Control Unit. The High Speed Digital Microscope captures the fluid flowing in chip channels for easy monitoring.


  • Enables fast evaluation of microfluidic porous rock models
  • Compact system with low footprint
  • Easy to set up with no tools required
  • Wide temperature and pressure operating range
  • Excellent chemical compatibility (materials: glass, PTFE, PEEK, FFKM)
  • High visibility
  • Range of custom options


The Porous Media System is an essential tool for the oil and gas industry and academic research. It is commonly used for the following applications:

  • Modeling fluid flow in complex rock structures
  • Study of multi-phase transport in porous media
  • Oil and gas extraction and enhanced recovery studies
  • Environmental testing
  • Groundwater analysis
  • Channel grid with randomly distributed pores to imitate a naturally occurring rock structure
  • Operating temperature: 1-125 ºC (higher with custom devices)
  • Operating pressure: 0-10 bar (up to 30 bar and higher with custom devices)
  • Quick connect/disconnect
  • Small footprint. Compact system.
  • Wetted materials: glass, PTFE, PEEK and FFKM (Kalhrez)
  • High visibility (excellent access for optics)
  • Range of custom options