Piezoelectric Pump Controller

The Piezoelectric Pump Controller?is a compact and lightweight controller that supplies a high voltage power source specifically designed to drive Dolomite’s Piezoelectric Pumps (Part No. 3200138, 3200139 and 3200140). Its user-friendly panel interface provides easy control of the voltage and the frequency. It comes with memory function to store the latest pump drive settings. The Piezoelectric Pump Controller enables quick and easy integration of Dolomite’s Piezoelectric Pumps into the application settings.

Part number 3200141
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  • Overview

Features and benefits:

  • Compact size: 75 mm x 34 mm x 10 0mm
  • Front panel sets and displays output voltage and frequency
  • Continuous and intermittent pump drive modes
  • Memory function to store pump drive settings
  • Operating temperature: 0 ?C up to 70 ?C
  • Also accepts external signals for direct control