Micromixer Chip

The Micromixer Chip is a lamination-based compact glass microfluidic device that allows rapid mixing of two or three fluid streams in each of the two independent mixing geometries. The chip can be used for the study of reaction kinetics, sample dilution, improved reaction selectivity, rapid cystallisation and nanoparticle synthesis. It is compatible with Dolomite’s easy to use H-Interface (Part No. 3000155), Linear Connectors 4-way (Part No. 3000024; two of which are typically needed) and the Hotplate Adaptor (Part No. 3200111).

Part number 3200401

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Features and benefits:

  • Extremely rapid mixing across a range of flow rates
  • Low dead volume
  • High visibility - excellent access for optics
  • Quick and easy to connect/disconnect
  • Wide temperature and pressure range
  • Excellent chemical compatibility
  • 2 x (3 inputs and 1 output)