Educational Microfluidic Starter Kit

Dolomite’s Educational Microfluidic Starter Kits are low cost and modular microfludic systems containing all required components for starting working with simple microfluidic concepts such as droplet generation, mixing of fluids or monitoring of fluid flow.

  • Ideal for education and those new to microfluidics
  • Create small droplets, learn about mixing fluids, or observe microchannel flow
  • No pressured gas-supply required. The pumps are powered from a simple USB port.
  • Low cost and modular
  • Tool-free, easy to set up and use. 
  • Wide range of glass chips, ability to use own PDMS chips or produce your own prototype chips with Fluidic Factory  
  • Easy investigation of a wide range of microfluidic applications

  • Overview
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The Educational Microfluidic Systems are ideal for those looking for a low cost connect-and-go solution to start learning about microfluidics. The system allows investigation of a wide range of microfluidic applications, including droplet generation, mixing of fluids or observation of microchannel flow.

All the systems include all the parts required to quickly get started with microfluidics (Fluika pumps, accessories, Digital Microscope, PC Control Software). The Starter System is ideal for those looking to use their own chips. The Advanced System includes a selection of chips and a fluid reservoir. The Premium System allows prototyping of your own chips using Fluidic Factory 3D Printer. The chips included in the systems are:

  • 2 Reagent Droplet Chip enabling generation of small droplets in the size range of 20-150 µm, containing 2 reagents. 1 x hydrophilic coated chip and 1 x hydrophobic coated chip supplied
  • Micromixer Chip for rapid mixing of two or three fluid streams in each of the independent mixing geometries
  • Y-Junction Chip for applications such as liquid-liquid contacting or observation of microchannel flow
  • Droplet Junction Chip for monodisperse droplet formation and emulsion formation

The system is easy to set up and does not require gas supply. Power and control is supplied through a USB port. 

Features and Benefits

  • Ideal for studying and demonstrating a wide range of microfluidic applications
  • Full infrastructure for a simple low cost microfluidic starter system
  • Modular and flexible - only choose the parts that suit your application needs
  • Tool free, robust and compact system
  • Easy to use
  • Excellent value
  • No gas supply required
  • Easy to interface with pneumatic quick-fit connectors
  • Control via Mitos Fluika Control Software
  • Pressures of up to 500 mbar above atmospheric pressure
  • Ability to pump multiple fluids from single pressure source
  • Droplet size range 45 – 180 µm
  • Pressures up to 500 mbar above atmospheric pressure
  • Droplet flow rates 70 nl/min – 1 ml/min
  • Droplet frequency up to 500 Hz
  • Wetted materials: PEEK, Glass, FEP, FFKM, FKM