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Droplet Generation

Interest towards flow-focusing microfluidic devices has been steadily increasing over the past decade. Production of droplets from immiscible liquids is one of many distinct features and, with its adoption to high-throughput technology, has become an essential research tool across numerous scientific areas.

Microfluidics’ ability to produce uniform-sized and monodispersed droplets from 1 µm to 100’s of µm (femto- to nanoliter range), emulsions, double emulsions, bubbles or particles, with exceptionally high control and reproducibility, can be fundamental from research to production scale. Furthermore, produced droplets can be used as microreactors to create complex formulations as samples, which can be confined, diluted, mixed, split or analyzed.

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For many applications, which use traditional batch methods to generate monodisperse droplets with consistent characteristics, avoiding wastage and weighty loss of final product is nearly impossible. On the other hand, with microfluidics you’ll only need to choose the right surfactants, carrier fluids, flow control and microfluidic chip to produce desired monodispersed droplets. Precisely controlled flow leaves no room for errors and accomplishes almost 0% wastage.

   Benefits of microfluidic droplet generation

          High monodispersity

  • Microfluidic techniques offer a solution for production of extremely consistent size of droplets, particles or emulsions (e.g. 1% coefficient of variation).

          Applications for wide range of fluids and droplet types

  • Generation of desired emulsions, particles, foams, gels, suspensions and solutions can be constituted from assorted organic or fluorinated liquids and gases.

         Rapid research and technique optimization

  • Agile ability to regulate or amend parameters such as temperatures, droplet size,surface properties, flow regulations, and mixing combinations adds incremental value to analysis, and mixing combinations adds incremental value to analysis.

          Production and prospects

  • Results or conditions identified during research and analysis, can be efficiently applied for automation of larger scale production.
Fields and applications

  • Analysis, diagnostics and research
  • Chemical industry
  • Cosmetics
  • Food
  • Automotive industry
  • Agriculture
  • Printing
  • Petroleum
  • Paint adhesives & coatings
  • Aerospace
  • Biotechnology
  • Pharmaceutical industry:
    • Magnetic beads for research
    • Drug delivery via polymer particles and drug formulation
    • Encapsulation of cell DNA
    • Digital PCR
    • New drug-screening strategies
    • Protein crystallization and screening
    • And more…
 Droplet production methods

Segmented flow – forms slugs with size larger than junction size. Our systems:

Flow Focussing – highly monodisperse droplets, easy scale up. Our systems:

Droplet ‘picking’ – to create combinatorial droplet arrays of many different reagents to form complex assays. Our system:

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Associated products

  • + Micro Droplet Generation Systems

    Micro Droplet Generation Systems

    Produce up to 500,000 monodisperse droplets / second

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    Micro Droplet Generation Systems

    Droplet Generation Systems offer a solution for production of mono-dispersed droplets for a wide range of general laboratory research applications.

    Dolomite’s modular droplet generation systems apply flow focusing microfluidic methods for small (from 2 to 40 µm) and large (from 20 to 200 µm) water in oil (W/O) or oil in water (O/W) droplet production.
    Whilst microfluidic methods offer a wide range of applications, our droplet generation systems are designed to produce droplets made up of one, two or three reagents. This may benefit user focused on generation of monodispersed droplets, emulsions and Janus particles. Systems enables rapid advances in droplet microfluidics allowing users to produce up to half a million monodispersed droplets per second. Thanks to their modularity, Droplet Generation Systems provide users with a very cost-effective scale up. Specific features of systems include:

    • Stable and pulseless liquid flow
    • Highly monodispersed droplets ranging from 2 µm to 200 µm
    • Production rate of up to 500,000 droplets per second
    • Flexible system for easy scale-up (Telos Large Scale Micro Droplet System)
    • Modular and adjustable to suit applications

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  • + Double Emulsions Systems

    Double Emulsions Systems

    Generate oil-water-oil or water-oil-water emulsions

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    Double Emulsions Systems

    The advanced Dolomite Double Emulsion Systems give users the possibility to generate highly monodisperse water-in-oil-in-water (w/o/w) or oil-in-water-in-oil (o/w/o) droplets. The versatile systems can be set-up for a one-step or a two-step double emulsion process, depending on the application. They allow precise control over droplet size, production rate, as well as volume ratios of inner and outer droplets. 

    • Reproducible and consistent production of double emulsions
    • Highly monodispersed droplets
    • Flexible system suitable for generating both w/o/w and o/w/o double emulsions in various sizes
    • One-step or two-step process achievable on the same system
    • Easy to set up and use
    • Modular to suit your application

    See our dedicated Applications webpage to learn more about Double Emulsions.

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