There is a recognized need for fabrication of highly monodisperse particles for applications such as controlled drug release and targeted drug delivery. However, the encapsulation of hydrophilic materials (such as APIs, nutraceuticals, or other compounds of interest) can be very challenging. During this webinar we will introduce microfluidic methods which are ideal for the rapid iteration of drug formulations and optimization of the material performance characteristics. We will also showcase the details of our system setup, a short summary of factors influencing particle size and production rate, and the case study of fluorescent microscopy we used to analyse multiple emulsions.

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Read more about the microfluidic encapsulation methods which demonstrated potential of generating highly monodisperse particles in a single continuous step, increasing the yield of the process and achieving the specific particle properties without a significant loss of the sample.


double emulsion system

System Solutions

This webinar will introduce our Dolomite’s Double Emulsion Systems. They are an exceptional solution for this application as it adapts varied microfluidic methods to generate monodisperse droplets, capsules, foams and emulsions, offering precise product characteristics reproducibility and effortless scale-up.


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