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Our Team

We are passionate about shaping the future of microfluidics, and continuously push the boundaries to find better and new ways to solve scientific challenges. But we could not do this without a team of brilliant scientists, engineers, marketing and sales specialists. We love microfluidics, work hard to help our customers accelerate science, but very importantly make sure we have fun while we do it. 

Management Team


Rob Ranford

Head of Custom Products

Phil Podmore

Head of Support

Melvin Lim

Head of Software Development

Simon Gibson

Production Manager, Royston

Pavel Abdulkin

Head of Chemistry

Ben Knappett

Senior Scientist

Takeyoshi Nishio

Applications and Marketing Specialist, Japan

Rory Parsons

Technical Support Specialist

Leah Granville

Events Marketing Executive

Gina Mikalauskaite

Product Marketing Executive

Your Local Contact

Michael Pisapia

Vice President of Sales

Leandro Nogueira

Regional Director, Latin America

Hori Kozo

Regional Manager, Japan

Paul Oakley

Regional Manager, Northern/Central Europe & M.East

Mark Gilligan

Regional Manager, South-East Asia & Aus/NZ

Subramaniam Raman

Regional Director, India

Marco Grasso

Regional Executive, UK, Ireland & Italy

Calum Marrs

Regional Executive, US West Coast

Alita Zabrecky

Regional Executive, US East Coast

Vidya Pawar-Menon

Technical Sales Specialist

Dinesh Purohit

Regional Manager, India

Contact Us 

We have offices in the USA, Japan, India and Brazil; and a network of over 30 distributors offering technical assistance and support.

For office locations and contact details, please visit our Contact Us page.