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Workshop: Drug Encapsulation and Drug Delivery using Microfluidics

Date: Tuesday 19 November 2019

Time: 09:00 – 18:00

Gyeonggi Bio center:
Meeting room
R&DB center 1st FL.
Gwanggyo-ro 105, Yeongtong-gu Gyeonggi-do

Tel: +82 2 823 9062

What to expect

This free workshop will focus on controllable and reproducible micro and nano particle production for the encapsulation and delivery of drugs, nutrients, API, flavours and biological materials.

Join us for a hands-on session, where we will demonstrate how we can produce these particles, achieve efficient loading and easily control particle sizes and shapes via microfluidic continuous flow.


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reproducible liposome production

Workshop Presenter Bio: Gurinder Vinner

Gurinder has a PhD in Chemical Engineering from Loughborugh University. She has a background in Microbiology which she combined with encapsulation techniques to bring the two disciplines together. She has been a post-doc prior to joining Blacktrace during which she worked with phages to combat farm to fork food safety. She has previously been a customer of Dolomite which is the reason why she joined the team March 2019. At Dolomite, she works as a material scientist carrying out application work, performing customer feasibility studies and supporting the sales and marketing team. She is currently involved in a project addressing high-throughput liposome production.

reproducible liposome production

Interested to learn more about liposomes?

Read more about the microfluidic encapsulation methods which demonstrated potential for achieving higher control over the physical properties of the final liposome product than conventional batch methods. Typical microfluidics characteristics, such as low Reynolds number and diffusion dominated mass transfer, make it the most viable method for producing lipid-based nanoscale vesicular systems with the potential for clinical application.


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