Wellplate Chip

The Wellplate Chip has a 40×40 array of nano-litre wells. On the standard plate each well has a volume of 0.26nl, and customisation offers alternative volumes. The 40×40 array covers an area of 10x10mm and is designed to fit onto a microscope slide and under a standard cover slip. The wet etching process gives a surface roughness of < 5nm enabling optical access. Applications include: holding small droplets of reagents, groups of cells or reagent droplets and display technology.

Part number 3000218
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  • Overview

Features and benefits:

  • Enables experiments with nanoscale volumes
  • Excellent optical transmission
  • Custom sizes available
  • Extremely smooth surfaces
  • Custom surface coatings available
  • Compatible with the Resealable Chip Interface (Part Nos. 3000305/306)