Telos® 2 Reagent Chip SC

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The Telos 2 Reagent Chip SC is a glass microfluidic device designed for generating monodisperse droplets containing 2 reagents. The on-chip filters have been removed from the reagent feed lines allowing particles to be encapsulated in the droplets. The chip has many applications including the encapsulation of cells, beads and a range of other particles. SC stands for ‘Surface Connection’. This refers to the output port which is a surface connection port rather than a chip edge connection.

Features and benefits:

  • High throughput generation of monodisperse droplets (up to 30kHz)
  • Compatible with Telos system for 10X throughput increase (up to 300kHz)
  • Option to mix two reagent streams before droplet junction
  • Option to include beads or cells in one or both of the reagent streams
  • Hydrophilic, hydrophobic, and fluorophilic coating options
  • Excellent access for optics
  • Compatible with Telos Starter Kit SC for quick and reliable fluidic connection
  • Excellent chemical compatibility
Glass   Hydrophilic Surface Connection
Glass   Hydrophobic Surface Connection
Glass   Fluorophilic Surface Connection

Glass 50 µm Hydrophilic Surface Connection

Glass 50 µm Hydrophobic Surface Connection

Glass 50 µm Fluorophilic Surface Connection