T-Junction Chip with Diced End

The T-Junction Chip is a glass microfluidic device designed for a range of applications including mixing fluids, microreactions and droplet formation.The chip is supplied with a chip header that allows connection to the Linear Connector 4-way (Part No. 3000024) and features a diced end which provides a flow path that bypasses the length of serpentine channel downstream of the junction and flows directly out of the chip edge.

The primary function of this chip is for the ejection of droplets into bulk liquid without disruption to the flow and is compatible with the Droplet CollectionModule (Part No. 3200112).

Part number 3200014

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Features and benefits:

  • Low dead volume
  • Quick and easy to connect/disconnect
  • High visibility - excellent access for optics
  • Extremely smooth channel surface
  • Wide temperature and pressure range
  • Excellent chemical compatibility
  • 2 inputs and 1 output
  • Supplied with a Chip Header
  • Requires a Linear Connector 4-way (Part No. 3000024)

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    The Droplet Collection Module allows droplets to be transferred directly from a microfluidic chip to a vessel enabling emulsions to be collected, treated and analysed. For use with the Droplet Junction Chips (Part Nos. 3200089 - 3200092) and Linear Connector 4-way (Part No. 3000024), the droplets are ejected straight from the chip edge into bulk liquid. The microfluidic chip can be inserted into the top or bottom of the vessel allowing the collection of sinking or floating droplets without flow disruption or droplet coalescence, which can be an issue with some liquids on transfer from chip to tubing.Furthermore, the flat-sided quartz vessel enables optical analysis or UV curing of droplets immediately after formation.

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