Resealable Chip Interface

The Resealable Chip Interface is used in combination with microfluidic chips that can be opened and resealed. The holder clamps the layers together and provides eight fluidic and eight electrical connections to the chip. Two linear connectors 4-way are included. Reagents, sensors, biosensors or cells can be deposited on the chip base layer. The chip base layer material is typically glass, quartz, or polymer. Applications include: biosensor testing, cell culture and analysis, dielectrophoresis experiments and impedance detection.

Part number 3000305
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Features and benefits:

  • Excellent access for optics
  • Excellent chemical resistance
  • Easy to clean
  • 8 fluidic/electrical connections
  • Allows deposition of reagents, sensors or cells onto channel surface

The following accessories can be used with the Resealable Chip Interface:

  • Part No. 3000024 - Linear Connector 4-way
  • Part No. 3000111 - Resealable Chip Interface Top
  • Part No. 3000118 - Resealable Chip Interface Electrical Interface PCB
  • Part No. 3000147 - Thin Resealable Chip Interface Base
  • Part No. 3000148 - Standard Resealable Chip Interface Base
  • Part No. 3000168 - Electrical Cable and Connector
  • Part No. 3000304 - PEEK Manifold with Seals

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