Mitos P-Pump Remote Chamber

The Mitos P-Pump Remote Chamber with 3-way Accessories combines the Mitos P-Pump Remote Chamber 30 (Part No. 3200178) with the Mitos P-Pump 3-way Chamber Lid (Part No. 3200044) and Mitos P-Pump 3-way Vessel Holder Kit (Part No. 3200045) providing a low cost method of delivering 3 reagents to a microfluidic system with pulseless pressure pumping technology.

The Mitos P-Pump Remote Chamber 400 is a 10 bar stainless steel pressure chamber for use with the Mitos P-Pump (Part No. 3200016). It enables greater sample volumes up to 400 ml to be used, so that continuous pumping for longer periods of time is possible. With the precise pressure-driven pumping mechanism of the Mitos P-Pump, the flow from the chamber is highly stable and pulsefree. The Mitos P-Pump Remote Chamber 400 is simple to connect and provides clear viewing of the sample liquid. For applications requiring temperature control and stirring, the remote chamber can be placed onto a hotplate / magnetic stirrer.

Part number 3200178Part number 3200206Part number 3200043
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Features and benefits:

  • Sample volumes from 100?l to 30ml
  • Option for heating and magnetic stirring
  • Easy to view sample liquid levels
  • Quick and easy fitting to connect to Mitos P-Pump Remote
  • Excellent chemical compatibility