Mitos P-Pump Remote Basic

The Mitos P-Pump Remote Basic provides pulseless liquid flow operating over a wide pressure range (0 – 10 bar) with excellent response time and accuracy. The design allows users to connect the pump to Dolomite’s range of Remote Chambers (or to a custom chamber) with a simple push-click action, enabling the use of large volume reservoirs, stirred and heated reservoirs, etc… while retaining all features and benefits of the Mitos P-Pump.

The Mitos P-Pump Basic connects to a PC via RS232 serial or USB interface allowing data logging and control using Dolomite’s free PC software (no manual control). All the other features of the pump are the same as for the Mitos P-Pump Remote (Part No. 3200176)

Part number 3200177

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The Mitos Pressure Pump Remote Basic provides highly stable pulseless liquid flow and is ideal for droplet formation. Specifically designed for microfluidic applications, the P-Pump offers ultimate flexibility for single chips or scale-up, a wide pressure and flow rate range, closed loop control (with Mitos Flow Sensors) and accommodates vessels from milliliters to many liters.

The pump does not have a built-in reservoir and must be used in conjunction with Dolomite's range of Remote Chambers or a custom chamber. 

Features and Benefits:

  • Highly stable pressure driven flow: ideal for producing highly monodispersed droplets with predictable, repeatable results
  • Wide flow rate range: nL/min to mL/min
  • Combine with Dolomite's extensive range of remote chambers (30 mL400 mL3.8L)
  • The P-Pump Basic is controlled directly from PC (free Dolomite's Flow Control Software provided)
  • Control pressure or flow rate: seamless integration with Mitos Flow Sensors allows flow rate to be set and controlled
  • Automation options: P-Pump controlled directly from the pump or via PC Software
  • Pressure range: precise pressure control from 0-10 bar
  • Excellent accuracy and fast response rates
  • Flexible: easily scalable, seamlessly integrated with Telos high-throughput droplet productions system (up to 1 tonne/month), accommodates a wide range of standard and non-standard fluid vessels
  • Quick to setup, easy to use
  • Safe: lockable pressure-rated safety chamber with easy access
  • Combine with flow rate sensors: accurate control of flow rates, closed-loop flow control option
  • Efficient: reduces dead volumes and sample waste
  • Compatible with: laboratory nitrogen, compressed air, argon or other inert gas supplies, gas bottles or compressors
  • Wide range of accessories: flow resistors, compressors, tubing accessories and vessels
  • Robust: excellent chemical resistance

P-Pumps are ideal for the following applications:

  • Production of highly monodisperse droplets. 
  • Generation of emulsions and double emulsions in food, cosmetics, agrochemicals, pharmaceutical industries. 
  • Production of polymer beads for diagnostics, drug delivery. 
  • Productions of hydrogel particles for drug delivery, biological studies, biomedical applications.

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