Mitos P-Pump 3-way Vessel Holder Kit

The Mitos P-Pump 3-way Vessel Holder Kit is designed to accommodate 3 micro tubes in the Mitos P-Pump (Part No. 3200016). Included in the kit are compatible micro tubes with 1.5ml volume. When used in conjunction with the Mitos P-Pump 3-way Chamber Lid (Part No. 3200044), it provides a low cost method of delivering 3 reagents to a microfluidic system with pulseless pressure pump technology.

Part number 3200045
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Features and benefits:

  • Improves ease of use when using the Mitos P-Pump for 3-channel pumping
  • Enables P-Pump to be used with 3 micro tubes
  • Quick and easy to install and remove
  • Special locating feature to align micro tubes with outlet ports in chamber lid