Mitos Dropix

The Mitos Dropix is a compact?device for sampling and droplet sequence production. It enables users to create an array?of precise volume droplets from up to 24 unique sources. Benefiting from a very precise electro-mechanical design, Mitos Dropix is controlled by computer. The Dropix software?(provided) allows users to fully control droplets’ size and frequency, as well as run autonomous?sequences with small amounts of set-up time.

Part number 3200350
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Additional items required with Mitos Dropix (Part No. 3200350):

Features and benefits:

  • Compact and low footprint?device
  • Time-efficient and flexible solution allowing users to combine multiple reagents to create complex assays
  • Generates droplets from up to 24 different samples
  • Stores up to 1000 droplets with?volumes down to 50 nl
  • Full visibility of the droplets

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