Liposome Synthesis

Dolomite’s Liposome Synthesis System is a complete system for generating liposomes and encapsulating drugs. Based on Dolomite’s extensive range of high quality glass chips, the system uses microfluidics to precisely make capsules with specific diameters. It is compact, modular and easy-to-use.

  • Encapsulate drugs in liposomes
  • Quick and reproducible liposome synthesis
  • Wide range of liposome sizes
  • Highly monodisperse particles
  • Batch sizes from few milliliters to several liters
  • Flexible system for easy scale-up

Read more about liposome synthesis here. 

  • Overview
  • Specifications

Microfluidic methods have demonstrated potential for achieving higher control over the physical properties of liposomes, particularly in terms of vesicle size, size distribution and lamellarity. Compared to traditional batch particle synthesis methods, the microfluidic approach offers size control, greater yields and reproducibility. Based on Dolomite’s extensive range of high quality glass chips, the Liposome Synthesis System takes full advantage of microfluidics to  precisely make capsules with specific diameters and encapsulate drugs.

All the systems are modular and include all the pumps, connectors, chips and accessories required to quickly and easily start producing polymer particles.The Mitos P-Pumps deliver ultra-smooth flow of reagent into a chip. The wide range of chips offered by Dolomite enable various techniques for liposome synthesis (micromixing, flow focusing, etc...). Chips can be changed seamlessly in seconds, without the need for tools, to select the right synthesis method.


  • High reproducibility
  • Reduced reagent consumption
  • Better mixing efficiency
  • Modular scalability: produce few milligram samples  or up to liters of solution
  • Excellent chemical resistance
  • Tool-free, easy to set up and quick to use


  • Synthesis of spherical lipid particles
  • Drug formulation
  • Controlled drug release and targeted drug delivery

Dolomite is a licensee of Japan Science and Technology Agency ("JST") under JST's microdroplet generation technology. This enables our customers to purchase and use our droplet chips for R&D purposes without any restriction from this comprehensive IP family.

  • Samples volumes: from 0.5 mL to several L
  • Chemical resistance: very high (wetted materials: PEEK, PTFE and glass)
  • Pump pressure range: 0-10 bar
  • Flow rate range: from 5 nL/min to >100 mL/min (depending on pressure, viscosity and flow resistance)