Large Well Base Chip

The Large Well Base Chip can be used in combination with the Resealable Chip Interface (Part No. 3000305) and a Top Chip (Part Nos. 3200069-72). The chip is made from glass and requires a Top Chip to create a fluidic seal. A central square area (9mm x 9mm) is etched to a depth of 100?m providing a recessed area in the fluid flow path. Materials or samples can be deposited in the recess prior to assembly in the holder.

Part number 3000478
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Features and benefits:

  • Surface Roughness of glass surface and etched features: 5nm
  • Chip material: Glass

Dolomite's range of Base Chips also includes:

  • Part No. 3000343 - Blank Base Chip
  • Part No. 3000218 - Wellplate Chip

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