Large Scale Droplet Production – Telos

Built around Dolomite’s revolutionary Telos® high-throughput microfluidic platform, the Large Scale Droplet Production Systems provide a complete solution for scaling-up droplet, particles or emulsion manufacturing, allowing users to seamlessly produce large quantities of monodispersed droplets of various sizes.

  • Up to 70 microfluidic channels producing droplets in parallel
  • 1 set of pumps for feeding all parallel channels
  • Pulseless and stable liquid flow
  • Highly monodispersed droplets ranging from 20 µm to 150 µm
  • Production rate of up to 500,000 droplets per second, comparable to those achieved by traditional batch methods
  • Modular and adjustable to user needs

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Telos® is a revolutionary high-throughput microfluidic system which allows production of up to a tonne of highly monodisperse droplets, particles or emulsion a month. This modular, scalable, and highly flexible system removes the low throughput limitation of individual microfluidic chips, enabling litres of droplets or particles to be produced per day. The production rate achieved on Telos® is comparable to those achieved by traditional batch methods, but unlike batch method it also generates highly monodisperse droplets.droplet production Telos vs batch method

Each system has a flexible configuration and allows up to 10 Telos® Clamp Modules to be assembled in parallel, enabling identical conditions of up to 70 microfluidic chip droplet junctions. The system allows mass-production of highly monodisperse droplets from 20 μm to 150 μm which can then be flowed directly off the chips, or into tubes. All junctions are visible from above and below for illumination and optical access. The Telos® Clamp Modules also have integrated valves providing excellent flow control during operation and enabling individual isolation of a Telos® Chip for maintenance purpose.  The Telos® system can be configured to allow collection of the output streams into a bulk fluid reservoir or into parallel tubing to allow downstream process steps.


  • High-throughput: produce up to a tonne of highly monodisperse droplets a month
  • Modular scalability: one Telos® clamp module allows 1 Telos® microfluidic chip with 7 junctions and a typical flow output of 3 mL/min of droplet-in-water – scale up to 10 modules i.e. 30 mL/min
  • Excellent control over droplet production: produce monodisperse droplets from 20 μm to 150 μm, precise flow control during priming and operation
  • Tool-free, easy and quick to set up and use
  • Easy maintenance via individual chip control: fast acting valves allow one chip to be replaced without affecting the others and stopping production
  • Wide temperature and pressure operating ranges
  • Low profile: easy viewing with a microscope
  • Extremely chemically resistant: wetted materials are made of FFKM, PEEK, PCTFE and PTFE


  • Particle production - PLGA, PEGDA, gelatine, alginate, polystyrene, agarose and many more
  • Drug delivery - creams, aerosols, active pharmaceutical ingredients
  • Bulk precision manufacturing of emulsions and foams - food, cosmetics, paints
  • Nanoparticle synthesis
  • Cell, DNA, bead encapsulation
  • Parallel micromixing and micro-reactions

Dolomite is a licensee of Japan Science and Technology Agency ("JST") under JST's microdroplet generation technology. This enables our customers to purchase and use our droplet chips for R&D purposes without any restriction from this comprehensive IP family.

  • Monodispersity of droplets: extremely monodisperse (CV < 5%)
  • Samples volumes: from 100 mL to several liters
  • Chemical resistance: very high (wetted materials: FFKM, PEEK, PCTFE, PTFE and glass)
  • Pump pressure range: 0-10 bar
  • Temperature range: 4°C to 80°C
  • Flow rate range: from 1 mL/min to >100 mL/min (depending on number of Telos® Clamp Modules, pump pressure and fluid viscosity)
  • Droplet generation frequency: up to 500 kHz (depending on reagents and droplet sizes)
  • Droplet size: typically from 2 µm to 150 µm (depending on chip)
  • 2 output collection methods: flow directly off the chips or into a tube
  • Number of chips in parallel: from 1 to 10
  • Internal volume per Telos® Clamp Module: 207 µL
  • Footprint: 100 x 300 x 105 mm (depth x width x height)