Flow Resistor Kit

Designed for the Mitos P-Pump range, the Flow Resistor Kit can be used to insert additional flow resistance into a system. The flow resistors enable very low flow rates to be achieved when connecting the Mitos P-Pump to systems of low fluidic resistance. For applications such as droplet generation, a Flow Resistor can be used to prevent flow rate instability due to the varying back pressure generated by using immiscible fluids of different viscosities.

Part number 3200272
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  • Overview

Features and benefits:

  • Allows the flow rate range of the Mitos P-Pumps to be maximised
  • Enables the user to operate at very low flow rates with the Mitos P-Pump
  • Enables the use of very low viscosity liquids (e.g. gases) with the Mitos P-Pump
  • Prevents flow rate instability when using fluids of different viscosities
  • Quick and easy to connect using included fittings
  • Excellent chemical compatibility

The kit contains the following flow resistors:

  • Flow Resistor F1 (Part No. 3200267): Min flow rate: 0.02 µl/min, Max flow rate: 10 µl/min
  • Flow Resistor F4.5 (Part No. 3200268): Min flow rate: 0.09 µl/min, Max flow rate: 45 µl/min
  • Flow Resistor F10 (Part No. 3200269): Min flow rate: 0.2 µl/min, Max flow rate: 100 µl/min
  • Flow Resistor F30 (Part No. 3200270): Min flow rate: 0.6 µl/min, Max flow rate: 300 µl/min
  • Flow Resistor F100 (Part No. 3200271): Min flow rate: 2 µl/min, Max flow rate: 1000 µl/min