Flow Chemistry Systems

The Dolomite Flow Chemistry Systems are easy-to-use, affordable, modular systems for a variety of flow chemistry applications.

The systems allow multiple configurations for lab scale reactions and are upgradable for more functionality. The systems offer a wide range of reaction parameters with flow rates from 1 µL/min to 10 mL/min and temperatures from 1 °C to 250 °C.

Sophisticated flow chemistry experiments can be performed with precise control of reaction parameters, residence time, reaction temperature and stoichiometry as well as reagent introduction. Coupled with the intuitive PC control software, Flow Control Centre Advanced, reactions can be automated with accuracy and reproducibility.

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Standard entry level systems:

  • Systems 1A & 1B: Ideal for beginners and educational needs. The system includes a Mitos XS Pump with ultra smooth flow rates and a TCU-125 Temperature Controller (1 °C to 125 °C) for use with a glass microreactor chip.
  • Systems 2A & 2B: Ideal for continuous reactions on a larger scale. The system includes 2 Mitos Duo-XS pumps for extremely smooth flow rates and a hotplate for heating larger volume tube reactors.
  • Systems 3A & 3B: Ideal for widest range of chemistry - process optimization, scale-up and multi-step reactions. The system combines the benefits of system 1 and 2.

System A allows only PC control of pump. System B also allows manual control of pumps via the front panel.

Key benefits:

  • Wide range of reactor types: chips and tubes from 2.5 µL to 16 mL
  • High-performance pumps: smooth, chemically resistant syringe pumps can act as a single shot or work together to operate continuously
  • Rapid reaction configuration: allows for optimization on a small scale, and direct scaling up of reactions in a safe and reproducible manner
  • Robust, reliable and easy to use
  • Easy to set up: no tools required
  • Precise and accurate pumping: from 1.0µL/min to 10mL/min
  • Precise and rapid temperature control: reaction temperature from 1°C to 250°C
  • Automation: Flow Control Centre enables complete control and running of experiment
  • Excellent chemical resistance: all wetted parts are made of glass or PTFE (Stainless Steel for certain tube reactors)
  • Wide pressure range: 0 – 6 bar

Benefits of flow chemistry:

Flow chemistry offers many benefits over batch chemistry. It enables safer, quicker and cleaner reactions

through greater control of reaction temperature, stoichiometry, mixing and time. Flow chemistry enables access to increased chemical space, allowing reactions not possible under batch conditions to be perfomed.


  • Multistep reactions generating unstable intermediates
  • Increased reaction rates by super heating of reagents
  • Control of gas evolving reactions
  • Control of exothermic reactions
  • Reactions with volatile reagents and dissolved gases


Standard System Parts 1A 1B 2A 2B 3A 3B
Mitos Duo XS Basic Pump   2   2  
Mitos Duo XS Pump     2   2
Meros TCU-125    
Tubing Starter Pack
Reagent Bottles
Back Pressure Regulator
FCC Software
Reactor Options            
250 µL Microreactor    
Micromixer Chip    
T-Junction Chip    
Long Channel Chip    
4 mL Tube Reactor PTFE or SS    
16 mL Tube Reactor PTFE or SS     
System Upgrades            
Additional Pump Module
FCC Advanced Software Licence
In-Line Liquid Separation
Pressurized Input

♦: Standard                ◊: Optional