Embryo Immobilisation Chip

The Embryo Immobilisation Chip is designed for the immobilisation and imaging of a large number of small (up to 150?m diameter) non-adherent samples, such as embryos or cell aggregates. Samples can be transferred with a micro-pipette into well chambers that are open to the medium and have a bottom thickness that corresponds to a standard optical cover slip, allowing confocal imaging. The specific design of the well chambers keeps samples in place throughout imaging and during mounting/dismounting from the microscope.

Part number 3200208
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Features and benefits:

  • Long term analysis of non - adherent cells
  • Cells can safely be carried in the chip without displacement
  • Compatible with common microscope stage inserts
  • Quick and easy to assemble
  • High visibility - excellent access for optics
  • Reusable following cleaning and autoclaving

Dolomite offers the following accessories and services:

  • Part No. 3200209 - Embryo Immobilisation Chip Interface
  • Part No. 3200210 - Embryo Immobilisation Chip Cleaning