Droplets on Demand – Dropix

Based on the proprietary Mitos Dropix® technology, the Droplets on Demand System is a novel, compact and portable system. It is designed for easy generation of extremely miniaturized droplets with excellent control over volume, environment and isolation of contents. This compact off-chip droplet generator enables users to create combinatorial droplet arrays from several different samples and store up to 1000 droplets with various sizes on a storage coil.

  • Utmost flexibility: choose the droplet volume size, frequency and content
  • Use multiple reagents to create complex assays quickly and easily
  • Generate up to 5 droplets per second, with sizes down to 50 nL, from 24 different sample wells in any sequence
  • Ability to pre-program commands for automated droplet collection via an easy-to-use PC software user interface 
  • Several possible operating modes: droplet generation, droplet merging, droplet splitting
  • Small footprint, very easy to set up, no tools required

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This compact off-chip droplet generator enables users to create combinatorial droplet arrays of many different reagents for complex assays. It offers excellent control over droplet size and droplet frequency. 

Mitos Dropix® uses droplet 'picking' technology for droplet generation. It features a sample hook which moves up and down between the fluid reservoir (available in PEEK or PMMA) that contains the oil carrier phase, and the Dropix® Sample Strip with aqueous solutions in 24 bottomless wells. The hook also moves side to side along the strip for reagent selection. 

The user is able to pre-program commands for droplet collection via an easy-to-use PC software user interface. This allows long droplet collection sequences to be run autonomously with a short set-up time and it saves time when repeating experiments.

A typical system set up includes the Mitos Dropix® module connected to a PC via a USB cable for control of droplet size and frequency via the Dropix® software, and a Mitos Duo XS-Pump with two syringes and valves for pumping aspiration. The Mitos Duo XS-Pump, due to its dual syringe function, has the added benefit of constantly refilling the carrier fluid bath during operation, thereby maintaining a steady fluid level. 


  • Compact system with small footprint
  • Easy to set up with no tools required
  • Excellent chemical compatibility
  • Utmost droplet generation flexibility: generate droplets with sizes down to 50 nL, from up to 24 different samples, at frequencies up to 5 droplets per second, and store up to 1000 generated droplets
  • Automated: Dolomite's automation software enables droplets on demand
  • Can run autonomously for up to 24 hours after setup
  • Reduced costs: smaller droplet sizes mean increased speed of screening and reduced reagent consumption
  • More data: microscopic experiment volumes allow more data with smaller samples
  • Removable storage coil: ideal for external experimentation and analyses
  • High visibility: full visibility of samples and droplet generation within the Dropix Fluid Reservoir


The Droplets on Demand System benefits a wide range of industries including pharmaceutical, food, agrochemical and cosmetics research. It is commonly used for the following applications:

  • Droplet library creation
  • Ratiometric screening for protein crystallization
  • Cell encapsulation
  • Preparation of concentration gradients
  • Diagnosis screening
  • Combinatorial synthetic chemistry
  • Drug bioassays
















Mitos Dropix® was developed by Dolomite under exclusive sub-licence with Drop-Tech Ltd. having won Dolomite's 2012 Productizing Science® competition. Drop-Tech was formed from an academic collaboration between Cambridge University and Imperial College London and is the exclusive licensee of their patented droplet generation technology used in Mitos Dropix® (Patent Pending: PCT/GB2013/051668).

  • Droplet sizes: from 50-1000 nL
  • Aspiration flow rates: 5-50 μL/min
  • Droplet frequency: up to 5 droplets per second
  • Wetted materials: FEP, stainless steel, COC, PEEK, PMMA
  • Maximum number of samples: 24
  • Maximum number of droplets stored in Droplet Storage Coil: typically 1000 (depending on droplet volume)
  • Mitos Dropix module size: 20x12x8 cm
  • Mitos Dropix module weight: 1.5 kg
  • Current: 1.5 A
  • Voltage: 24 V DC
  • Automation via Dolomite Dropix PC software