Droplet Storage Coil

The Droplet Storage Coil (0.25 mm) comes in a pack of three portable holders containing 1 meter of natural FEP tube (0.8 mm OD, 0.25 mm ID) pre-coiled within. Made of PMMA acrylic, this holder is placed on the top of the Mitos Dropix, facilitating the droplets to flow up the tube and allowing easy visualization. Additionally, these coils provide the ability to seal off the tube so that they can be removed as a sealed storage unit and be used for further experimentation.

Part number 3200349
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Features and benefits:

  • Collect and stores sample droplets
  • Allows clear visualization of the droplets
  • Allows droplets to be collected and removed for further experimentation
  • Easily slots onto the top of the Mitos Dropix.