Chip Interface

The PDMS Chip Interface provides a flexible and fast solution for PDMS chip connections. The PDMS Chip Interface is easy to use and no technical experience is needed to connect and disconnect. To be used with the PDMS Chip Slide 50×25 mm (Part No. 3200264) or PDMS Chip Slide 75×25 mm (Part No. 3200275), the PDMS Chip Interface provides a robust solution for the chip to be used outside the lab. The PDMS Chip Interface can be also found as part of the PDMS Chip Interface Starter Kit (Part No. 3200273)

Part number 3200232
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Features and benefits:

  • Quick to connect and disconnect
  • Reliable sealing
  • High density of connections
  • Good microscope access
  • Accommodates wide range of PDMS device heights
  • Thin layer glass slide option
  • Extended chip lifetimes
  • No requirement to punch holes in PDMS for fluid access

The following accessories can be used with the PDMS Chip Interface:

  • Part No. 3200264 - PDMS Chip Slide 50x25 mm (pack of 10)
  • Part No. 3200275 - PDMS Chip Slide 75x25 mm (pack of 10)
  • Part No. 3000024 - Linear Connector 4-way

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