µEncapsulator Fittings Starter Kit

The Fittings & Tubing Kit is a complete set of the fittings needed to get started, and is ideal for those new to microfluidics. The kit comes in a convenient tool box to keep everything in one place.

Part number 3200447
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    4 x 2-way In-line Valve
    5 x Luer lock to 1/4″-28″threaded fitting
    5 x 1/4-28 Straight Female Coupling, ECTFE
    1 x FEP Tubing, 1.6 x 0.1mm
    1 x FEP Tubing, 1.6 x 0.25mm
    1 x Tubing cutter
    1 x End Fittings and Ferrules for 1.6mm Tubing
    4 x Vessel holder 4
    2 x 6mm push-in 3way connector
    2 x 6mm push-in 4 way connector
    2 x 6mm to 4mm push-in reducer
    10 x 3ml luer lock syringes, for flushing
    10 x 0.2µm syringe filters
    10 x 20ml glass vials