µEncapsulator Consumables Pack

The consumables pack includes 2 x µEncapsulator Fittings starter kit, a complete set of the fittings needed to get started, which is ideal for those new to microfluidics.

Part number 3200570
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This consumables pack includes 6 µEncapsulator Sample Reservoir Chips which contains 2 reservoirs of 100 µl volume for storage of biological samples at temperature before droplet formation. Reagents are pipetted in the inlet ports. There are 2 additional straight through channels for carrier oil input and emulsion output. The smooth channel surfaces and precision fabrication provide an excellent flow path for passage of encapsulated material. The Sample Reservoir Chip can be used in conjunction with the 2 Reagent Droplet Chip (part no. 3200445) to form 2 reagent droplets.


1 x Fluoridrop 7500, 500ml
2 x µEncapsulator 1 Fittings Starter Kit 
2 x µEncapsulator 1 Sample Reservoir Chip (2x 100µl) Pack of 3