Sales of Dolomite’s Micro Droplet Systems reach record high

Dolomite Microfluidics, the world leader in innovative microfluidic products, has seen significant growth in the sale of its Micro Droplet Systems, particularly for cell encapsulation applications.

The only commercially available complete solution for cell encapsulation, microparticle production and nanoparticle synthesis, these systems are modular, scalable and easy to use, offering reliable production of identically sized droplets, particles, emulsions, double emulsions and bubbles, typically with a coefficient of variation of 1 %.


Dolomite’s droplet system


“We are delighted to see such a rapid rise in interest in the benefits of using microfluidic technology for applications in biology, food, cosmetics, drug discovery and chemistry,” commented Mike Hawes, Chief Commercial Officer for Dolomite. “The ability to precisely engineer the size and contents of particles, droplets, foams and emulsions means that novel, reproducible and highly controlled formulations can be achieved, as well as allowing unique biochemical reactions to be performed. For example, by encapsulating individual cells into millions of droplets, our Micro Droplet Systems enable researchers to isolate monoclonal antibodies from blood samples or profile correctly-paired T­cell receptors. Other applications include fast and powerful directed evolution – encapsulating libraries of mutants with fluorogenic reagents for FACS analysis – and the encapsulation of cells in hydrogels for cell therapy. No other technology can achieve this type of droplet formation with such volume and consistency.”

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