Don’t miss out, enter the Dolomite and Lab on a Chip Productizing Science® Competition 2015 now!

Calling all entrepreneurial researchers, scientists and engineers! Dolomite and Lab on a Chip are seeking novel, microfluidics-based concepts with commercial potential for the Productizing Science® Competition 2015. To make sure you don’t miss the chance to drive your microfluidics innovation forwards, simply submit your entry before the April 30th deadline.

The Productizing Science® Competition, jointly organized by Dolomite and Lab on a Chip, aims to bridge the gap between scientific innovation and commercial success by turning early stage technologies into market-leading products. This exciting competition offers the opportunity to take advantage of Dolomite’s invaluable commercial expertise and in-depth understanding of the international microfluidics market to develop your groundbreaking idea into a profitable product. The winning entry will benefit from Dolomite’s outstanding R&D capabilities to help take the concept or prototype through to a market-ready product, backed by Lab on a Chip’s ability to reach out to the wide-ranging scientific community to maximize marketing opportunities.



A previous winning concept of the Productizing Science® competition turned into a commercial product – Mitos Dropix® droplet-on-demand generation system


So, if you have made a scientific breakthrough or have a prototype system that you are struggling to develop – whether financially, technically or commercially – simply submit an abstract before the 30th of April 2015 for your chance to win. Enter now, and help shape the future of microfluidics!

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