Dolomite Microfluidics shares its expertise in core-shell microparticle production


Dolomite Microfluidics, a world leader in microfluidics innovation, has released its latest application note, Microfluidic Production of 20 to 50 μm Core-Shell PLGA Beads, enabling scientists around the globe to benefit from the company’s in-depth knowledge of the encapsulation of hydrophilic materials, such as active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs). This recent addition to the company’s application note database highlights Dolomite’s commitment to continually expanding its literature portfolio and sharing its technical expertise with customers.


Microfluidic Production of 20 to 50 μm Core-Shell PLGA Beads addresses a recognized need to manufacture highly monodisperse particles for applications such as controlled drug release and targeted drug delivery, tackling the often challenging encapsulation of hydrophilic materials. It describes the use of Dolomite’s API Encapsulation System for the production of monodisperse multiple emulsions, and will help laboratories to develop novel PLGA nano- and microparticle applications in a straightforward, cost-effective and timely manner.


Dolomite is also hosted a webinar entitled Controlled microfluidic production of core-shell microparticles for drug encapsulation on Tuesday the 3rd of March 2020 at 15:00 GMT (11:00 EDT/08:00 PDT). The webinar introduced participants to microfluidic methods for the rapid iteration of drug formulations and optimization of the material performance characteristics, showcase dthe system set-up, and discuss factors influencing particle size and production rate.


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