Dolomite Microfluidics guest speaker for microfluidics course at MIT


We are delighted to have been invited by Professor of Chemical Engineering, Patrick S, Doyle, to speak at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) this fall. Professor Doyle works in the Chemical Engineering Department and runs an Applied Microfluidics course, with research focussing heavily on microfluidics and particle synthesis.

The course provides an introduction to the field of microfluidics. It reviews fundamental concepts in transport phenomena and dimensional analysis, focusing on new phenomena which arise at small scales. It also discusses current applications, with an emphasis on the contributions that engineers bring to the field. A  number of experts in the Boston area are invited to discuss their work in the field. As one of the major companies in microfluidics, Dolomite are happy to share our knowledge with the graduate students 😊



Richard Gray, VP of Particle Engineering & Microfluidics at Dolomite will be our guest speaker on the course. His presentation is about microfluidic particle generation: from nm to mm and from mg to Mg. He will discuss the huge potential for using monodisperse particles in drug development and delivery – such as improving solubility or coating them in active groups or antibodies to direct them to a specific site – allowing the API to be efficiently carried into the body, then released upon reaching the target region.

Many thanks to Professor Doyle for inviting us to speak on your brilliant course – we are looking forward to it!

If you would like Dolomite to speak at your institute, drop us an email and we’re sure we can arrange something:


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