Dolomite launches Mitos Dropix® Droplet Splitting System

Dolomite – the pioneering microfluidics specialist – has launched the groundbreaking Mitos Dropix® Droplet Splitting System, for the automated creation of nanoliter and picoliter droplets. Designed for easy generation of miniaturized droplet compartments, this innovative system enables reproducible generation of nanoliter droplets, and incorporates a flow-focusing Droplet Junction Chip for subsequent splitting into picoliter droplets of varying volumes.

Reliable and simple to use, the compact, portable Mitos Dropix Droplet Splitting System enables rapid production of droplets – typically between 50 nl and 1 µl – of up to 24 different samples, with precise control over droplet content and size, as well as frequency. The integrated Droplet Junction Chip enables subsequent splitting into monodisperse droplets from 500 to 2,000 pl, increasing throughput of droplet production. For maximum flexibility, multiple reagents can be accommodated, allowing complex assays to be quickly and easily established. Programmable sequences of chemically distinct droplets can be created from microwells, increasing speed of screening and decreasing reagent consumption and, with lower experiment volumes required, more data can be obtained from small samples. The system is ideal for biochemical and cell-based screens, sample replication and screening library production – up to 1,000 droplets can be stored in the Storage Coil – offering scientists across a broad range of industries a cost-effective means of droplet splitting.


Droplet Splitting System


The Mitos Dropix Droplet Splitting System was developed under an exclusive sub-license from Drop-Tech Ltd, the winner of Dolomite’s 2012 Productizing Science® competition. Dolomite is now accepting entries for the 2015 competition, offering a chance to translate your microfluidic invention into a commercially successful product.