Dolomite introduces new specialist chemicals to assist emulsion stabilization

Dolomite Microfluidics now offers a range of specialist chemicals designed to stabilize a variety of emulsions. By forming highly stable and reproducible emulsions, our products enable high retention of droplet contents, rapid rates of droplet formation, as well as controlled emulsion breaking when required. 

Fluoro-phase – Emulsion Stabilizer 

Fluoro-Phase uses non-toxic, biologically compatible fluorinated silica nanoparticles, developed in the Tang Lab at Stanford University, to stabilise water in fluorinated oil emulsions. Fluoro-Phase is manufactured in-house by Dolomite Microfluidics chemists, benefiting from years of combined experience, and has been shown to stabilize water-in-oil emulsions even when the aqueous phase contains cell lysing agents such as Triton or Sarkosyl that typically destabilize droplets. For final analysis of the collected droplet phase, the emulsion can be broken using Fluoro-Stop, ensuring a clean, rapid breaking of the emulsion. 


Fluoro-Stop – Emulsion Breaker 

Fluoro-Stop is an emulsion breaker designed to break emulsions formed by Fluoro-Phase. It quickly and cleanly breaks the emulsion droplets, allowing for easy recovery of the droplet phase for further analysis or experimentation. It possesses a high coalescence efficiency, resulting in minimal wastage of the droplet contents. 


Aqua-phase – Emulsion Stabilizer 

Aqua-Phase is a high-performance continuous phase, specifically formulated for PLGA nanoparticle and microparticle fabrication in microfluidic systems. It is designed for use in biomedical and pharmaceutical applications and has been purposefully balanced to achieve high droplet stability and droplet formation rate.  


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