Third Fluid Mechanics of Nanostructured Materials SIG Meeting

Location: Loughborough University | Date: 17th December 2018 | Time: 10:00-16:00

Materials and Microfluidics

In recent years, advances and innovation in microfluidic technologies have offered new exciting opportunities for the manufacturing of advanced and high-value-added products, such as functional and complex-shaped nano/micro-particles, crystals, fibres, artificial cells/tissues, etc. This meeting brings together engineers and scientists – both from industry and academia ­– who are interested to explore the behaviour of fluids and materials confined in micro/nano-channels and how this can be harnessed to develop smart manufacturing technologies. The meeting will address current technological challenges of microfabrication platforms, especially scalability and throughput, to unlock the full potential of microfluidic technologies in areas such as drug delivery, drug/cell encapsulation, smart food and chemicals productions, bio-analysis and diagnostics.

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