Fluidic Factory 3D Printer: Rapid prototyping of fluidic devices

Location: New York | Date: 16th August 2017 | Time: 16.00BST


  • Fluidic Factory Introduction: General introduction of 3D printer technology vs Fluidic Factory.
  • Fluidic Factory Technical Description: Demonstration of a working unit with explanation of technical aspects, including a demonstration of disassembled unit showing how to assemble the various parts.
  • Fluidic Factory Chip Design Guidelines: Overview of the design guidelines for printing chips, covering the basics of designing a microfluidic device with Fluidic Factory.
  • Fluidic Factory Software Wizard: We present the software wizard which converts the chip design from a CAD file to a format readable by the system.
  • Sample Chips: We present several chips and connectors that have been 3D printed using the Fluidic Factory, including those that have been submitted for print by webinar attendees.
  • Questions

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