Liposome vesicles traditionally synthesized by bulk methods are generally not a uniform and reproducible product. Consequently, these particles do not represent a very attractive solution for the pharmaceutical industry; particularly in the field of smart drug delivery where narrow distributions, small particle sizes and controllable and reproducible synthesis are desired. Nowadays, new microfluidic continuous flow technologies offer an attractive solution for the synthesis of small and narrow size particle distributions.


This webinar will present our latest research and encapsulation methods tested using Dolomite Liposome Synthesis Systems. Register your interest by submitting a form below.

reproducible liposome production

Interest to learn more about liposomes?

Read more about the microfluidic encapsulation methods which demonstrated potential for achieving higher control over the physical properties of the final liposome product than conventional batch methods. Typical microfluidics characteristics, such as low Reynolds number and diffusion dominated mass transfer, make it the most viable method for producing lipid-based nanoscale vesicular systems with the potential for clinical application.


monodisperse liposome synthesis system

System Solutions

This webinar will introduce you to our Dolomite’s Liposome Synthesis Systems. They are an exceptional solution for this application as they use microfluidic mixing methods to generate monodisperse particles and emulsions, offering precise product characteristics, high levels of reproducibility, and effortless scale-up.


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